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When we purchased our new land in Liberty in 2015, there was a lot to love about it: water sources for our ducks, geese, and released wildlife; a huge existing warehouse that we could put to use right away; and lots of pasture land and space to grow our rescue.

We have, of course, experienced substantial rainfall in the past — but never what our property saw in the first couple of days of this new year: a severe flash flood that happened so fast, we barely had time to put the call out for help before we needed to move animals to higher ground.

brown floodwaters

Fencing came down, raccoon and fox enclosures were flooded, pastures flooded, the barn flooded, the non-releasable deer enclosure flooded, the warehouse flooded, and our brand new Sulcata tortoise enclosures flooded.

It’s all about community

If you follow us on Facebook, you know how many of our wonderful volunteers dropped what they were doing and came to help, both during the worst of flooding Friday and in its aftermath Saturday. We got all the animals moved that needed to be moved without a single injury or loss, and by the end of Saturday, some very happy animals got to go back in their enclosures.

What we need over the long term

We still, however, need to repair the bigger damage. The projects that we were planning to space out over the next 6 to 8 months now need to be done ASAP — before “baby season” starts in just a few short months — while the animals wait in temporary spots for their areas to be fixed. Here’s a short rundown:

  • Fencing. Coincidentally, we knew we were going to have to replace fencing but we had planned on doing small bits at a time.
  • The barn. Our goats are in temporary shelters until we can repair damage to the barn along with pasture fencing.
  • Our new nonreleasable deer enclosure, which we just had to move. We won’t be able to move the deer back until their new enclosure is finished.
  • We also will be building a berm along the stream edge to lessen the chances of this ever happening again. This will take professionals with heavy equipment.

We additionally have professionals coming to advise us what to do about the banks and future water flow issues.

How you & your organization can help

We’re floored and humbled by the help, the donations, and the prayers and messages. On our own, it would have taken us weeks to get done what was done in just one day. This was dirty, back breaking labor, and we so appreciate everyone “showing up” with their mud boots and tools for these animals.

If you or your organization would like to contribute funding, equipment, or labor to these repairs, or you’d like to assist in other ways, please visit our Corporate Sponsorship page or get in touch with us at to learn how to sponsor or co-sponsor one of our projects or animals!